As more and more business moves to the cloud, traditional concerns about security evolve. Security on the cloud has a number of components that may be roughly divided into software security (i.e. measures taken at the programming level to secure the service and its data against intrusion), platform security (i.e. measures taken at the hardware and platform level to secure the service and its data against intrusion) and loss prevention (i.e. measures taken to back up data and prevent loss even in the event of disaster).

Software Security

Platform Security

OrderStream Pro is hosted by Radiant Communications ( www.Radiant.net) on their AlwaysThere™ Enterprise Cloud Computing service. AlwaysThere™ is based on a Cisco-VMware-NetApp Secure Multi-Tenancy architecture.

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Loss Prevention

Your data is vital to your business and loss must be prevented.

Radiant performs a scheduled backup of all data to a replicated disk target as follows: