No installation. All you need is a web browser.

Free, seamless updates. Never worry about installing or paying extra for upgrades.

Available anytime, anywhere. No more need for LANs, Remote Desktop Connections or Terminal Server to connect your distant colleagues to your system. All you need is an internet connection.

No legacy issues. There's never an older version of the software you'll need to worry about supporting.

Customizable. either by you via provided tools or by OrderStream Pro designers and developers.

Integrated. Eliminate redundant data entry and let your clients create their own orders with OrderStream Pro's optional online store component.

Flexible. OrderStream Pro can complement a diverse range of business models, from customized online store programs to major fulfillment operations.

User-friendly. learn the system fast and enjoy dramatic ongoing efficiencies.

Workflow-friendly. use reminders to schedule tasks and assign them to colleagues.

Transparent. data is available to everyone in your company who is authorized to see it, as soon as it enters the system.

Accessible. to all the members of your team as suits their role.

Scalable. no limit to the size of business that can be supported.

Powerful. complex and / or high volume orders are handled with ease.

Detailed. see histories of original emails sent, reminders set and statuses changed with a click.

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